Hard Drive Powerwash FREE

Hard Drive Powerwash FREE will clean your hard disk by removing file clutter from your system drive, from external drives or from network drives. It checks for unnecessary files of more than 50 kinds. Additionally, it deletes your internet tracks including cookies, typed URLs and other form data for Internet Explorer and Firefox. And it allows you to add custom file types or custom folders that should be deleted.

There probably is no other freeware cleaning tool available that cleans up your system so much. Here you can see how the main screen looks:

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Files found and cleaned by Hard Drive Powerwash FREE:

Do you wonder what unnecessary files will be deleted from your system? Here you see the list:

*._tm / *.1st / *.bak / *.nav / *.log / *.$$$ / *.old / *.prv / *.??~ / *.gid / *.tmp / *.syd / *.~* / *.~mp / *~.* / *.bk! / *.bk$ / *.bk4 / *.bk5 / *.bk6 / *.bk7 / *.bk8 / *.bk9 / *.bkp / *.$a / *.$db / *.&&& / *.--- / *._dd / *._mp / *.chk / *.xlk / *.db$ / *.diz / *.dmp / *.err / *.ftg / *.fts / *.ilk / *.ncb / *.pch / *.sik / *.temp / chklist.* / mscreate.dir / pspbrwse.jbf / Thumbs.db

... and each other file extension or file you like to add to the Custom Items list.

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Much more options:

Of course, Hard Drive Powerwash FREE does so much more for you than 'just' searching and deleting files. You can activate or de-activate Windows Vista's User Account Control (UAC), you can start the program from the systray icon with each Windows startup, you can set the scheduler to start cleaning processes on a regular base, you get a short summary how many disk space already has been recovered since you use the program ... just check it out!

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