What is new in 2008?

Oct 15

Domain registered! Today there the decision for this product name was made, so this domain was registered!

Nov 20

Started web design A completely new product requires a completely new website, so we started with it. Design inspired by studio7designs.com.

Dec 15

Signed contract with online shop Hard Drive Powerwash will be sold through the online shop of eSellerate. eSellerate have the technology that allows users to switch from Hard Drive Powerwash FREE to Hard Drive Powerwash PREMIUM with just a few clicks and without uninstalling the old program or downloading the new one.

eSellerate is a software commerce provider specializing in the sale and delivery of digital goods. Purchasing online through the eSellerate system is fast, easy and completely secure.

They also offer great affiliate technology, so if you want to sell Hard Drive Powerwash PREMIUM through your own website or - even better - if you are already a registered affiliate please send an e-mail to info@harddrivepowerwash.com.

What is new in 2009?

Jan 04

BETA Version 0.90 available! We want your comments on the beta version. Do you have any problems with it, or do you have any ideas how to improve it? Just let us know what you think about it!

Jan 29

Next BETA Version 0.91 available! Changes:

1) No more cancelling without user interaction.
Some users reported us that they got a message telling them they cancelled searching while they didnít. We found out that this could happen under some special circumstances when 'Run' instead of 'Analyze' was chosen. This should not happen anymore now.

2) 'Parameter incorrect' error (hopefully) fixed.
This strange error on app. every 25th system is a very hard one because it comes from Windows directly, which does not send an exception error to our program in this case as it normally does with other errors. What we found out now: This could happen when the program finds a file that had a very old file date (before 1970!), that was created on a different system than Windows or that was previously burned to CD with a system before Windows 95. All these things should normally never happen, but it seems as from such files are on some systems anyway. The reason can be any kind of file manipulation and from time to time quarantined viruses have such strange attributes. We tried to check for all these options now and Hard Drive Powerwash did not stop searching because of any file like this on our systems, so we hope that you can report us the same now.

3) Progress bar shows real progress.
The progress bar was another issue we were asked many times for because it did not show 'real' progress in the last version. Now it should do it for deleting without any problems. Progress calculation for the searching process was a bit more complicated because to estimate the progress it should be necessary to count all files on a drive or in a folder before checking and that would take nearly as long as checking itself, so we decided to count folders and up to 3 sub-folders instead. So it could be that the progress bar stays at one position for some time while it is faster on some other places.

4) Files from Recycle Bin and other excepted files and folders will not be deleted anymore.
Some of you told us that the program added files from Recycle Bin and other normally excepted data to your results. After some testing we found out that this could happen after a very bad combination of setting different options before searching and after switching between the screens of 'Drive Cleaning' and 'Internet Cleaning'. We are really sorry for this one (files were fortunately deleted to Recycle Bin anyway, so you could get your data back easily), now the well-working exception list from other 1-abc.net products is used correctly under all circumstances in Hard Drive Powerwash too.

5) German error with 'Cookies.txt' (hopefully) fixed.
When 'Internet Cleaning' was activated, Firefox was installed and different versions of Firefox were already installed on the system there seemed to be a problem for the program that we unfortunately could not re-produce. Anyway, the program checks for the existence of Firefox files by its own now instead of getting the data from Firefox directly so we hope that you should not see this error anymore now.

We want your comments on the beta version. Do you have any problems with it, or do you have any ideas how to improve it? Just let us know what you think about it!

Jul 13

BETA Version 0.91 already Windows 7 compatible! Even if Microsoft starts selling the final release version of Windows 7 in October 2009, Hard Drive Powerwash was already certified to run on this new operating system by Fortedownloads.com.

Sep 15

Final help file available! The final version 1.00 of Hard Drive Washer comes closer ... we just finished writing the helpfile. You already want to see it? Here it is: Help file in ZIP format.

Sep 17

Hard Drive Powerwash 1.00 available! Finally, after one and a half year of development, we just released version 1.00 of Hard Drive Powerwash FREE. This version can be converted to Hard Drive Washer PREMIUM just by purchasing from the program. Click here to download Hard Drive Powerwash FREE.

Oct 14

New awards and video tutorial! Many websites awarded Hard Drive Powerwash FREE, see start page for these awards. A website called DownloadTube.com created a tutorial video which can be seen here.

Nov 23

TrialPay offer and website updated! Sorry, this website still seems to be a bit 'beta' while the final products Hard Drive Powerwash FREE and Hard Drive Powerwash PREMIUM win one award after another. On the other hand, why should we spend too much time in web design when we could improve the product at the same time? :-) Anyway, today some more information was added to this website.

Addtionally, thanks to a co-operation with TrialPay, you can now get Hard Drive Powerwash PREMIUM for free instead of $19.99 if you decide to buy a product from another company. Click here to find out more.

What is new in 2010?

Mar 07

Update version 1.10 available now! The new version finds even more file clutter and got many accelerations and improvements under the hood.

What is new in 2013?

Mar 13

Update version 2.00 available now! This new version was optimized for Windows 8, also all 4 wizards were updated!

What is new in 2014?

Sep 01

Website update to allow downloads from Google™ Chrome! Because of new security restrictions with that browser we had to update our privacy policy, terms of use and our uninstall information.